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I was given my life back at Lee County Physical Medicine!  I am off of my medications that were costing $800-$1,200 every 90 days.  I am almost pain free from my lower and mid back and I now sleep 6-8 hours a night instead of 3-4.  Thank you!    

Carol W., Cape Coral

I used to get neck pain, headaches and migraines.  The headaches and migraines are almost gone and the neck pain is completely gone!    

Katie R., N. Fort Myers

I had a scoliosis, neck ache and pain between my shoulder blades for the last 15 years.  I had gone to two different chiropractors but they didn't correct it.  I now have no more nck aches or mid back problems and my scoliosis is correcting very nicely!  I am so blessed to have them!  
Sherry K., Fort Myers

I was having issues with carpal tunnel and mornings were the worst.  My hands would go numb and doing hair and makeup was difficult.  Since my care at Lee County Physical Medicine my morning numbness is gone, my hands feel great and I have a better attitude!  

Laci D, Fort Myers

My back has hurt for 30 years and everything else for the last 10 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I had to reduce my hours at work and I was even thinking about disability. I had no social life and I was limited in driving. Since coming here the fatigue in the neck and both shoulders is gone as well as the pain. My heart arrhythmia has reduced, I have a stronger immune system and I can drive again! 

 Roxy B., Ft. Myers

Last week I worked 49 hours and had plenty of charge in my batteries to do more. Since seeing Lee County Physical Medicine I hadn’t put in a 40 hour week in 9 years, in fact, doing more than 25 hours dragged me down so much that it took several days to get back to normal. I feel better and can do more work in the yard (an acre) than I could 20 years ago!  My mental processes are sharper and I ‘m getting better rest at night which has been a problem since the mid 80’s, so this is a reason for thanksgiving!

 Al A., Fort Myers

I was having pain in my neck and numbness in both my arms for 9 months and it was so painful that I can’t even explain it in words. I couldn’t work and it affected my home life because all I could do was lay on the couch. All of the treatments made things worse. Since beginning care I have had little to no pain. The numbness in my arms is gone and I feel like my old self again!  

Bobbie L., Cape Coral

I was diagnosed with asthma at four months old. At my very worst I would have to be on a breathing machine. I would still get sick even with all of the medicines, shots and breathing machines. I am of ALL my medications, no more machines, and a clean bill of health from my MD. I also was just selected for the all state honor band playing the tuba...thanks you!  

Brock H., Ft. Myers

I was in constant and severe neck and shoulder pain and didn’t want to do daily activities…however I had no choice and continued daily in pain with a “happy face”. Progress here has been fantastic! Pain subsided almost immediately within the first few treatments.

Krista M., Cape Coral

I was in so much pain at times that I could not even talk. There were nights I didn’t want to go to sleep because I was afraid of what kind of pain I would be in, in the morning. With the care here they got to the root of the problem and I am no longer in pain and I continue to do very physical work! Thank you!  

Tracy K., Ft. Myers

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